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"By God's Grace, we are Global Shapers, optimists working to reduce inequity and shape planet earth to lead in technology & knowledge of universe"

"To reduce extreme poverty, empower orphans, create peace, lead planet to green energy tackle climate change, create sustainable growth for increasing 7,5 billions world population. "

IFGF Pro M 6 Preparation Orphanage Eunike

Meeting, 14 April 2019

Open Event for connection for event Visiting and Impacting Orphanage Eunike at Puri Anjasmoro. Drones technology enable us to scout and monitor the area, needed utility for drying the laundry area we make transparent sun light hanger project to provide basic necessity dry clothes for 55 children at Orphanage.

Team: Novi, Kevin, Fakta, Paula, Risky,Yoga, Melvi, Mila, Steve, Budi.

Together with Ibu Inge, Bpk Atang , And Bpk Slamet, we plan to train children and encourage them to have better dream and future. The meeting will commence on 14 April, for join kindly contacting Whats App : +62 8112925553. Together we can make better world , a peaceful place for everyone. help us with your prayer, it will bless the children.

Disaster Papua Sentani Flood , Jaya Pura 19 March 2019

Open for support Flood Victim at Sentani, Papua, JKI Mission team, direct with Pst. Jim Yosh who lives at Sentani, he with the people at Sentani need all the equipment, food, medication, first aid kit, and children food. The death toll until today reach 89 people, increasing from the flash flood on 19 March 2019. The heavy rainfall caused the land slide and fall.

Technology : We advise flood system alert and ship drones to save people at emergency area, evacuation technology drones. We able to send help , food package and monitoring people who look for help. Technology Drones will help us to elaborate and explore the site before we deploy rescue team. Road and pavement cant be accessed, because of Water. The Drones ship technology will be able to reach the remote place. We invest and increase the battery of Drones and SOS Drones to evacuate victims. Light also needed, basically we need technology power supply which able to move the drones and deliver the food package.

We pray for our friends and love one, at Sentani, we hope the flood will decrease and the water level will return to normal. The landslide effect is damaging the facilities and utility. May God save the people and we support with aid.



Spring Meeting 2019 , IMF and World Bank together with CSO , reported and manage global growth , stimulate economic developing countries, and help to lift out people from poverty, with good system and management. Bank Seminary and Global wealth management, micro finance and global growth. Innovation to stimulate economic growth.

Climate Change and effect on temperature increase on real per capital, green technology seminary, innovation toward future. Capacity Development , discuss about oil economic, pricing, hedging. Technology artificial intelligence, and block chain. IFC and minister of finance discuss about health of financial system, and how to support more economic growth. European issues Brexit, affect the Economic of Europe and currency, in order to make global economic more stable and cut some loses and look further better option to improve British economic.

Budi Foundation Technology, we will increase the Green technology to combat the climate change, increase the Power Supply of Drones, support 5 G technology. And provide renewable energy for 7.8 billions population.

Our team , grantees, trustee, staff, volunteer and partners are key in achieving our vision to make world better place for everyone, empower orphans, children, elderly to live right, healthy, happy, productive life and have many good days.

Foundation Asset management

By God's Grace , We reported significant increase on MBMF Foundation portfolio , with total 23 companies . We thankful to invest on Smart frend which price 50 when be bought and now increased 2019 February to 312. Also PGAS, the National gas corporation increase in asset, we reported lower performance on Telkom, and Lippo due to restructuring and right issues offering new shares. And reported increase on Garuda indonesia as part of Restructuring Relisting on Bursa Effect.

Particularly our Asset portfolio remain blue (increase), and this we praise God and thanks for His love endures forever. God provide all things.