Shalom Peace of GOD be with you

"Heart after God's Heart"

Attracted to the needs and weakness , God cares and send MBMF working to empower orphans, old widows, reduce poverty and increase prosperity. God's favor is completed in our weakness, God can change people lives become the righteous of God in Jesus Christ. Father God is source of all, Creator of universe Heaven and earth, He raise fruits, foot plant bread from earth, He give us cloth, house, energy and abundant prosperity, and God supply us all. Thank you for His grace and love forever.

2018 : November October September August July

There is God in the Heavens who loves us, He saves lives and changes people lives.

IMF & World Bank Annual Meeting 2018 in Bali.

Numbers 6:24-26 New Living Translation (NLT)

‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.’

World Bank Civil Society Organization

We are intertwined and interconnected, supportive, dependent, Interlocking with IMF and World Bank holding each other up. Open dialog for Disaster Relief program, President Kim and Mrs. Christine giving wisdom and advice how to help disaster victims, dialog of crypto curency and 4th Revolution Industry (AI).

Melinda Gates, Executive Director World Bank, Global Young Leaders encourage to ACT.

To Love everyone, "Changes" start with smile

Thanks to Daddy God in Jesus. For Annual meerting 2018 World Bank & IMF : Excellency Leader Dr. Jim Kim, Mrs. Christine Lagarde, Mr. Luhut Panjaitan, Mrs. Sri Mulyani, Mr. Perry Wardoyo, Budi Margono ,Mr. Philippe Le Houérou , Mr. Jian Hai Lin.

Peace upon everyone, intertwined and interconnected, supportive, Interlocking , together we make better world for everyone.

God gives grace to the humble, I am undeserved, but God is deserve for all the Glory. The Annual meeting IMF and World Bank 2018 in Bali, has open insight and solution to change and make a better world, a place to raise family, work and play together for everyone. We optimist with good education, right investment on green project, eradicate extreme poverty and increase GDP every country so people living quality will increase. The Government sector with good policy and bureaucracy , transparent and data history will support the economic growth and create jobs, equality gender also give same opportunity to woman, together we shape better world. We also pray for Disaster Relief, prevention system before disaster, and rebuilding after disaster, our main duty is saving lives, and increase the prosperity of people, so children able to grow with healthy nutrients, immunization, equal chance and right for everyone.

Together we make better world, and God bless us tremendously.

Love is what God taught us, and to meet Jesus is meet with them in our world today.

Pak Johny received October MBMF Fund, by Jesus grace it increase each day. Many good days. Pak Johny not feel well in his old ages, stay at outside near Kantor Post at Kota Lama

By Daddy God's grace in jesus Christ, Lamp Post with JKI Holy stadium , Maria, Andi, Junita, Star, Budi. Father God heart pleased with these, and His love endures forever.

God build The House of God, Church IFGF Semarang Kompol maksum

But who is able to build a house for Him, since the heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain Him? Who then am I, that I should build a house for Him, except as a place to burn sacrifices before Him? A place of worship, place called Home,where God stay with us in us, Emmanuel, place of fellowship and build people. We humble our selves to Daddy God with contrite heart and tremble at His word. The word of God, bible. In Jesus Christ Grace, in Daddy God love, and the works of His Holy Spirit. Building Fund BCA transfer : GISI KASIH 252 301 8884. Praise God his love endures forever.

God Heal, Rebuild and saves lives at Donggala & Palu

First Priority (Medic)

Saving lives, medical and doctors saving lives, operated people, bandage the injury, give oxygen and surgery the broken bones. Top priority is saving the people who found and victim of collapse building, buried people who found are taken to hospital and tent emergency.

Second Priority (Grace Period Food and Supply)

From donation which send all over the world providing food for people at Donggala, it stored at hall and flight by helicopter to remote place.

We can support by send donation to

Red Cross Indonesia

Palang Merah Indonesia

BCA 206.300668.8


3rd Priority (Drink and Clean Water)

Indonesian Minister, University Muslim Indonesia provide clean water , for people and children

Rebuilt Palu & Donggala Power Supply

All 6 of the Power Plant has been activated and work normally , in order support hospital equipment and rebuilding shelter. While transportation and road is open and clear the path, the Power is needed to do all works.

Thank you for God's grace, United Nations, Government Indonesia, Volunteer, Red Cross, Foundations, Factory, Muslim, Christians, Hindus, Buddhas, World Leader, University, Donator , Everyone who help Palu and Donggala. God bless you. Together make better world.

Ishare Mission Palu

Volunteer Contact:

  • Ps. Surja

WA. +62 81390865758


  • Bank Mandiri

JKI Mission Palu

Volunteer Contact:

  • Bpk Budiman

WA. +62 87832373234


  • Bank BCA

God save Lives , USA America "LIFE Preserved before Disaster " Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael on 13 October 2018

Hurricane Michael was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the United States in terms of pressure, behind the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and Hurricane Camille of 1969. It was also the strongest in terms of maximum sustained wind speed to strike the contiguous United States since Andrew in 1992

Evacuation Before Disaster

Before the deadly disaster comes, the satellite image has predicted the coming of hurricane, and evacuate whole residents. Not all resident is saved, hence this precaution system has saved 99% lives. Live is Precious.

Unlimited Global Green Power Supply Plants

Empower 4th Revolution Industry AI and productivity

God want to saves more lives, love everyone. Sustainability support 8 billions populations. To lead 8 billions great people if too far ahead with Clean Unlimited Green Global Energy Power Plant , it will be difficult as Phillips CEO of IFC World bank mentioned, but if we lead people one step ahead, it will be easy to understand. The breakthrough energy lead by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg find new way of energy solution to keep safe climate changes and provide unlimited High power energy for increasing human population.

Focus to God, and do according to His plan. It can be save lives of billions people now and future.

Increasing Global temperature will melt the ice and increase hurricane cloud.

The flood destroy populations. Help drought at Africa by providing water underground and solar panel energy, toward zero extreme poverty by 2030.

Discussion on IMF and World Bank Annual Meeting 2018 will have significant portfolio investment on green energy , which based on historical data and right solution for climate changes, the hurricane has affected many countries like in USA, Hongkong and all parts of the world.

IMF & World Bank Dialogue Agenda

We Optimist to create 4th Revolution Industrial of AI, and global green energy system. It will help everyone to have better life.

The green equity

More Solar Power plant, Global battery supply, 24 hours power grid, and unlimited green energy. Portfolio investment and Global Green project.

Our team , grantees, trustee, staff, volunteer and partners are key in achieving our vision to make world better place for everyone, empower orphans, children, elderly to live right, healthy, happy, productive life and have many good days.